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Digital Executive

Hi-Flyers Recruitment Consultants

09/16- Current

At Hi-flyers, my main role is split into two, with web design and marketing manager. I manage all their Adwords accounts and social media marketing/ advertising and SEO. All aspects of marketing are managed by myself, from the planning and the creation of the marketing plans, to implementing it to increase sales, brand awareness and traffic.

Web Design

Recruitment agency: http://www.esbpeople.co.uk

Recruitment agency: http://www.hi-fly.org

Recruitment Service: http://www.gplocumconnect.com

Recruitment agency: http://www.driversupportservices.co.uk

Beauty Clinic: http://www.laserlifeclinic.co.uk

Beauty Clinic: http://www.diamondlipo.co.uk

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 Graphic Design


ELDS: Funding & Marketing Manager

Funding and Marketing Manager

ELDS- East Lancashire Deaf Society


In my role at ELDS, I had to market 8 different accounts; these accounts varied from the charity itself, to their social enterprises in a wide range of sectors. I wrote, planned and implemented all content strategies, PR plans and had sort any technical problems the websites had. I also managed all campaigns, SEO, email marketing and offline marketing. The other part of this job role was bid writing for funding for the main charity, the funding applications could vary from 5k to 250k. I manage all funding going through the company and any applications in progress to make sure everything is being done in a timely order. I built the company three new websites during my time at ELDS.

Websites Created for ELDS

Graphic Design

DeepRed55: Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

DeepRed55- Full service marketing agency

19/08/15- 03/16 (6 month contract)

My previous job at DeepRed55 was varied between different aspects of marketing. I managed all social media channels for various clients, email campaigns, marketing strategies, content, social media campaigns, PR and SEO. I specialised in copy writing, writing blog posts and website copy. I also wrote and presented business proposals to assist with the business team. I had a lot of input on the creative side, going over designs for websites, campaigns and pitching ideas for designs. I quite often managed multiple projects and campaigns, tasking members with jobs that suited their skill set.

Social Media Marketing,  Strategies Planning,  Email Campaigns,  SEO,  Graphic Design,  Creative Design Strategies,  Copy Writing,  Reporting & Planning,  Presenting Ideas & Strategies.

Graphic Design

Voi Jeans: Marketing & PR Assistant

Marketing & PR Assistant

01/08/14- 26/01/15


At Voi, my role was quite varied from graphic design; affiliate management, PR management, maintaining two blogs and marketing. The main marketing I did was PPC and social media marketing- managing the budgets and implanting strategies, campaigns and delivering the content. The PR side is something that came very naturally to me and allowed me to liaise with agencies, other blogs and businesses to deliver results, I had targets to hit each month with how much PR I produced and always exceeded their expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed this job however due to financial trouble within the company many of their teams including marketing were made redundant.

Graphic Design,  Photography,  PR Managment,  Affiliate Management,  Content Writer,  PPC,  Social Media Marketing,  Marketing Strategies 

Vibe Tickets Ltd: Marketing Director

Marketing Director


01/2014 – 08/2014 (Contract)

When I began working at Vibe, it was just the founder and I. We started building this business and now it has received funding directly from Richard Branson. I ran everything from online and offline marketing to sales, orders, accounts & dealing with clients and agents while managing a team. I built their company a very successful social networking platform.

Skills: Social Media Management,  Content marketing,  Product Marketing,  News Research,  Copy-writing,  Sales,  Hootsuite,  TradeDoubler,  Account Management,  Design,  Tweetdeck,  Social Media